Johnny Vegas spotted smoking six months after quitting

Johnny Vegas turned to Madonna to help him quit smoking last year but it appears his former habit has returned. 

The comedian was spotted running errands around his hometown of St Helens in Lancashire, delivering food to the vulnerable when he took a moment to stop for a cigarette. 

During his break, Johnny sat on a bench while taking in puffs and seemed to be deep in thought. 

Back in November, the former Benidorm star announced that he was giving up his smoking habit, tweeting: ‘Its weird, and I’m honestly not trying to sound like some martry, but almost a week off the cigs and I’ve woken up craving one more than World peace. 

‘Went through all the pockets in every jacket, coat, cagoule that I own before reminding myself, I don’t smoke, not no more X [sic].’ 

He even revealed the interesting tactic he was using to help himself kick the habit and it involved Madonna, even if the queen of pop didn’t know it. 

‘Every time I seriously consider having a cigarette I make myself dance for at least ten seconds to “Lucky Star” It’s not a good look for me and does actually help bolster the social embarrassment bit of my brain whilst it fights it’s corner against addiction. Thanks @Madonna,’ Johnny tweeted at the time. 

When his assistant wondered if she would catch him Voguing in the kitchen, Johnny quipped back: ‘Mmmm…..more Like a Prayer. I’m off the nicotine remember, every day now comes with it’s own unpredictable sense of drama.’ 

One follower suggested that Johnny read Alan Carr’s book, The Easy Way To Give Up Smoking, but he was determined to go it alone and replied: ‘Close friends have recommended it, @celebpa even ordered me a copy. Unfortunately I’m just a stubborn so ‘n so and like Sinatra himself….do it my way.’ 

A short while later, Johnny updated his followers and confirmed he still wasn’t smoking, tweeting: ‘Not wishing to seem smug but still tab free. Said to @celebpa how weird it was climbing out of the car and reaching for a pack of Marlboro gold’s today, but then a brand new voice asked me why? You don’t smoke anymore ya.smug arise wipe.’ 

Johnny’s pit-stop during his supply run was no doubt much-needed, as the TV star has been particularly busy being charitable during the coronavirus pandemic, making sure the vulnerable in his local area are stocked up with food parcels. has contacted Johnny’s reps for comment. 

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