Jonas Brothers Sing About Brushing Your Teeth In ‘Not-Too-Late Show With Elmo’ Preview (Video)

The Jonas Brothers are hanging out with Elmo on his new show The Not-Too-Late Show With Elmo!

The upcoming series will be out next Wednesday (May 27) when HBO Max launches, and we have the first preview episode and behind-the-scenes video.

During the Jonas Brothers appearance, Elmo shared that he thought really hard about questions to ask them and came up with the “best question ever”.

“Can all of you make a goofy face?” Elmo asked the guys. How cute!

“I think we can, right guys?” Nick replies.

“Yeah, we can,” Joe says.

“But I think we should see Elmo do a goofy face first,” Kevin adds.

The guys also talked about competing against each other, and being supportive of each other. They even competed in a “Silly Freeze Dance” contest!

Later in the episode, the Jonas Brothers return as the musical guest where they sing a song about brushing your teeth. Skip ahead to the 10:12 min mark to watch that.

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