Josh Duhamel proposed at the last minute without a ring: still romantic?

As I mentioned when we discussed Josh Duhamel stepping into the Mighty Ducks: Game Changers role, he was recently engaged to his 28-year-old girlfriend, Audra Mari. I don’t know much about Audra. She was Miss World in 2016 and they’ve been dating since 2019. We know that Josh’s ex-wife, Fergie, congratulated the couple on their engagement, which is a nice sign of harmony in the family. While promoting his partnership with Heluva Good! Dips, Josh let us in on a few details about the actual proposal. The couple was vacationing in the Florida Keys were he was inspired to stage a proposal involving a message in a bottle to wash up on shore. That’s a cute concept and fortunately the bottle didn’t wash into the hands of some obsessed fan who now thinks she’s Josh’s intended. The only downside to the impromptu proposal was Josh didn’t have some of the normal proposal props, like a ring.

The right time. Josh Duhamel knew the exact moment that he wanted to propose to fiancée Audra Mari, but his surprise proposal left him without one crucial item.

“I just sort of decided last minute that was how I wanted to do it,” Duhamel, 46, exclusively told Us Weekly while talking about his proposal on Tuesday, January 25. “I didn’t have anything planned. I didn’t have a ring yet. I was like, ‘OK, you gonna do this today. Today’s the day.’ And that’s just how it all kind of happened.”

Even though the Transformers star was on vacation in the Florida Keys with Mari, 28, he still wanted to pop the question in a “beautiful” way and settled on sending the former pageant queen a literal message in a bottle. “I coordinated with [the concierge] there to make sure that bottle was floating up to shore as we were walking out there,” Duhamel recalled while promoting his Heluva Good! Dips partnership.

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I think it’s sweet that Josh got caught up in the moment. In my hierarchy of proposing, that would be more important to me than having a ring present. But, of course, that’s me. And coincidently, how it happened for me. My husband proposed with no ring, concierge, ocean or message in a bottle present. So I guess I’m biased. Plus, this way Audra can help select her ring.

The Us article gave a little more information on the couple. Josh said they were long distance for a while due to the pandemic. Audra had moved back to her hometown of Fargo, North Dakota at the start but they made it work. Josh also said the distance is what probably delayed the engagement. That makes sense. Most importantly, though, he said Audra and his eight-year-old son, Axl, have a strong bond and that Axl’s “very excited” about their engagement. That would explain Fergie’s approval. So you know what – good for them. It’s a hell of an age gap and hopefully Josh has left his wandering ways, but they sound good on paper at least.

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