Kenny Chesney Shares Reflective ‘Guys Named Captain’

Kenny Chesney recently released “Guys Named Captain,” the latest song from the country star’s forthcoming new album.

“Any time you find yourself near the water, you’ll find these guys,” Chesney said about the captains.

An avid fan of Ernest Hemingway, Chesney acknowledged that there’s a bit of “The Old Man and The Sea” to this song.

“That whole idea of this man who’s lived his life on the water, and what sailing means, how they share it with others. It was the first thing I thought when I heard it, and it really lifts up those guys who have so much swagger, but no real need to let you know,” he added.

Here and Now, the album co-produced by Chesney and Buddy Cannon, is due to be released on May 1.

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