Kristin Chenoweth Was Asked About Her Quarantine Sex Life & Here’s What She Said

Kristin Chenoweth was asked a very personal question during her latest appearance on Watch What Happens Live!

The 51-year-old actress was asked to open up about her sex life with boyfriend Josh Bryant while in quarantine.

“What was your reaction when everyone freaked out over your hot boyfriend on the Rosie [O’Donnell] livestream? And how has quarantine been for your sex life?” Andy Cohen asked.

“Let me start with the latter part. You know, a lady doesn’t speak on those such things, but it’s been great. But it’s been great — don’t be confused!” she said in response.

In reaction to fans discovering that she has a hot boyfriend, Kristin said, “It’s wonderful to have ladies, and men, writing in wanting my boyfriend, but you can’t have him! So, all you b–ches, move back.”

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