LisaRaye McCoy Sorry for Her Reaction to Sister Da Brat’s Birthday Surprise

Back in September, Claudia Jordan, Selena Johnson and Vivica A. Fox surprised co-host LisaRaye with an awkward birthday visit from Da Brat, with whom LisaRaye apparently hasn’t been on speaking terms.

AceShowbizLisaRaye McCoy has addressed the birthday surprise which went totally wrong during a September episode of “Cocktails with Queen“. Her co-host appeared to think that it was a good idea to have her sister Da Brat shockingly joining their online conversation despite their rift, but LisaRaye reacted badly to the surprise. Now, she’s apologizing for the behavior.

“It’s bigger than just, oh, you moved on with your life because she been grown for a very long time,” she said in the Tuesday, October 6 episode of the talk show. “What I want to apologize to each and every one of you all for is that this is not the kind of show, that was not the kind of show that we do and that is not how we interact with each other.”

“I don’t ever want that to happen again. I apologize to each and every one of you queens because you guys are my friends and my support system,” she went on to say. Vivica A. Fox later said that her apology was “accepted.”

As for her relationship with her rapper sister, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, LisaRaye said that they would “fix it in God’s time. Until then, I wish Shawntae the best in life and we continue with our own’s life.”

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However, fans didn’t think she needed to apologize for the whole thing. “Apologize for what? She the big sis..she felt how she felt, and said what she said..if it was the truth then,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “Apologizing for what? They’re the ones that caught her off guard,” another fan added.

Someone also commented, “She said what she said, and she felt how she felt. Don’t apologize, Diamond.” However, some others blasted LisaRaye for her cold shoulders toward Da Brat, as one wrote, “Her Ego and entitlement is what’s running her emotions. Let your sister be happy and just be happy for her.”

On September 28, Claudia Jordan, Selena Johnson and Vivica surprised co-host LisaRaye with an awkward birthday visit from Da Brat, with whom LisaRaye apparently hasn’t been on speaking terms. After congratulating her younger sister for coming out as a lesbian, she blasted Da Brat. “I will say this I am happy for you I am glad that you are living in your truth. That right there we’ve been talking about for years and for you to just be so happy and so vibrant that right there is a blessing to be able to stand in that,” she said.

“That right there is what I believe in…what I talk about, what I envisioned. So for that right there, I will say have at it, and I love you. I appreciate you coming out and verbally saying ‘happy birthday’ to me this kind of way because I damn sure ain’t heard from you in months,” she went on saying.

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