Lord Alan Sugar baffles fans with post claiming 'we're all same age'

Lord Alan Sugar is at it again on Twitter, it seems…

The Apprentice host left us all baffled when he shared a post on social media, claiming that ‘every person in the whole world is the same age’.

Yes, seriously.

Not that we need any excuse to pop some prosecco at this point, but we might hold off on getting the birthday bunting out just yet.

A screenshot the 73-year-old shared with his 5.3million followers read: ’Happy birthday. Today every person in the whole world is the same age!

‘Today is a very special day. There’s only one chance every 1,000 years. Your age this year + your year of birth, the total for every person = 2020.

So many explanation marks, so many questions.

But it looks like Lord Sugar was totally convinced, sharing the post alongside the message: ‘Strange but seems correct.’

Side note: This basically happens every single year…

And the billionaire businessman’s followers couldn’t quite believe his tweet.

Sliding into the comments, one replied: ‘See if it works for next year as well. Then look at last year.’

‘Please tell me you’re joking,’ another begged, as a fan said: ‘Surely you can’t be this dense.’

While a Twitter user added: ‘This man is a peer of the realm.’

This isn’t the first time the BBC star has faced backlash on social media over the last few weeks.

Just last month, he received a slew of angry mentions after posting a screenshot of a fake report in which Dr Tasuku Honjo claimed coronavirus had been ‘made’ by China.

Fans jumped at the opportunity to point out it wasn’t true – as the doctor himself has shared a lengthy statement blasting the reports.

Despite seeming defiant in sharing the message, and insisting he ‘didn’t write it’ and simply ‘passed it on’, the post was later removed from his page.

Maybe run your tweets by someone else in future, Lord Sugar?

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