Maddie Brown Thanks Sister Wives Fans for Support, Gives an Evie Update!

Did you catch the season finale of Sister Wives?

If so, then you know it was … well, it was a lot.

If not, let us do a quick rundown.

This season saw many ups and downs with the Brown family, but it was mostly related to their big move to Arizona.

We saw Meri get kicked out of her rental home for being a polygamist with a reality show, and we saw the family rush to evacuate her from her new home thanks to wildfires.

We saw Kody get his hopes up for building one big huge family home out on Coyote Pass, and we saw his dreams dashed when Christine refused to entertain the idea for one single solitary second.

And much of the latter part of the season was dedicated to Robyn’s big move — she was renting a home, the owner sold it, and she was desperate (to put it mildly) to find another rental.

It didn’t work out, as we saw, and they had to shell out nearly a million dollars to buy another home, further delaying their building on Coyota Pass.

So yeah, lots of house stuff.

That’s what made it so refreshing to be able to see the last little bit of Maddie’s pregnancy.

Maddie, Kody and Janelle’s daughter, lives in North Carolina, so she’s not on the show too much anymore, but she did make several appearances when Janelle flew out to be with her leading up to the birth of her second child.

In the season finale, she finally gave birth to her daughter, Evangalynn (Evie for short!), but it definitely wasn’t easy.

Maddie’s husband, Caleb, was working two hours away from her when her water broke, and it seemed like a struggle for him to get there in time for the birth of their daughter.

And after the baby was born, she experienced some pretty scary breathing issues — an ambulance had to be called to the birth center to transport her to the hospital.

It was all very scary to watch, and of course there was also the fact that Evie was born with FATCO syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.

Evie is missing some fingers, some of her fingers are fused together, and she’s also missing a bone in her leg.

But after a few days in the hospital, Maddie and Evie were able to go home, and that’s where the episode ended.

It was filmed several months ago at this point — the baby was born late last summer.

So how are things going now?

According to a new post from Maddie on Instagram, things are going just wonderfully!

She began her message with a shout-out to Sister Wives fans, writing “I just wanted to say an enormous THANK YOU for all the love we have received on Evie’s birth!”

“We have been so blessed with Miss Evie,” she continued. “She brings so much joy to our house.”

“Thank you for your kind words and messages. I do try to read them all.”

She admitted that “We are overwhelmed with all the positivity and love we have received!”

“So again, thank you!” she finished.

It’s nice to hear that she’s gotten such a huge amount of support after the emotional episode, but then again we can’t imagine many people being cruel over something like this.

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Evie really is an absolutely adorable baby, and Maddie, Caleb, and their first child, Axel, seem so thrilled to have her in the family.

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