Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Reportedly Started Frogmore Cottage Repayments

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s lives have changed so much in the space of a few months. Having announced their decision to step down as senior members of the royal family, the Sussexes have since moved to California with their son, Archie. But despite making the move overseas, the couple intends to keep their residence in England, Frogmore Cottage.

When Harry and Meghan stepped down, they revealed their plan to pay back the cost of Frogmore Cottage’s renovation, which reportedly cost British tax payers around $3.1 million. The money for the renovations came from the Sovereign Grant, which is public money given to Queen Elizabeth so that senior members of the royal family can carry out official duties.

According to the Mail on Sunday, repayments on the property have already begun. As the publication reported, “it has been quietly arranged for the couple to start paying rent on the property, beginning last month.” According to the Mail on Sunday, Meghan and Harry’s monthly payments constitute “a ‘rental-plus’ agreement in which they pay more than what the commercial rate would be, enabling them to pay down those building costs with the excess.”

If Meghan and Harry have, indeed, started paying back the cost of Frogmore Cottage’s renovations, it would seem that they’re keen to keep the property as their British base.

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