Miami Condo Building Collapses, Massive Search and Rescue Effort Underway

A terrifying and devastating scene unfolded in Miami early Thursday, as a 12-story oceanside condo building partially collapsed … and a massive emergency effort is underway to find people who may have survived.

More than half of the complex unexpectedly went down in the early morning hours in South Florida in what residents describe as feeling like an earthquake.

The building reportedly has more than 100 units, and at least 70 of them are damaged or destroyed following the collapse that left a massive pile of rubble.

So far, one person has died and at least 10 have been treated for injuries, while 35 people have been pulled from the partially collapsed building and 2 more pulled from the debris.

Fifteen families have walked out of the building on their own, but sadly … countless people are missing as the search and rescue mission continues.

Authorities are unclear what led to the collapse, but say it is perplexing because the structure is not old — it was built in 1981 — and there’s no logical reason why it should have gone down like this.

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