Mickey Mantle once threw up while in flagrante with Angie Dickinson

Mickey Mantle was quite the charmer, it seems.

After Page Six reported that the Yankee legend once slipped a female journalist a greeting card mid-interview, that read “Wanna f– k?,” we’re told that he also once thew up while having sex with Angie Dickinson.

In his upcoming book “Gatecrasher,” longtime gossip columnist Ben Widdicombe writes that a veteran Daily News editor once told him, “That sofa you’re sitting on right now … Mickey Mantle sat on that very sofa and told me how he once went on a date with Angie Dickinson, took her home, and was so drunk that he threw up while he was [performing a sex act on her].”

Thursday we reported that sports reporter Diane Shah writes in her memoir, “A Farewell to Arms, Legs & Jockstraps,” that during an interview Mantle “reached inside his jacket and pulled out a greeting card. He handed it to me … Inside, it said, ‘Wanna f - - k?’ He grinned.”

Widdicombe’s book is out July 7 from Simon & Schuster.

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