Mika to Show Off His Cooking Skills on Instagram

The ‘Grace Kelly’ hitmaker announces an online hangout party with fans on Instagram and plans to show off his cooking skills from his kitchen in Athens, Greece.

AceShowbiz -Pop star Mika is inviting fans to join him in the kitchen this Sunday, April 26, 2020 for a little music and food fun.

The “Grace Kelly” hitmaker is currently waiting out the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece, where he plans to chat with fans online in a livestreamed cooking session.

“Hello everyone!” he tweets. “It has been a couple weeks since I last did this but it feels like a good time to hang out, listen to music and maybe even do some cooking together. Love from my kitchen in Athens Greece.”

“Be sure to tune in. It’s a Sunday lunch this time so if it’s too early for those on the other side of the planet… fear not it will be avail on insta stories for 24hours (sic)! I can’t wait to see you all again!! Crazy times. Xx.”

“Cooking With Mika” will be streamed live on his Instagram page from 11 A.M. GMT.

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