Model Shannade Clermont Baffles Fans for Criticizing Women Who Buy ‘Panties in a Pack’

Her post prompts some people to hit back at the model by bringing up the incident where she stole debit card information of a man who died after having a ‘prostitution date’ with her.

AceShowbizShannade Clermont made some bizarre comments on Thursday night, July 23. The model took to her Twitter account to criticize women who like to buy their underwear in a pack as she refused to argue with that kind of woman for that very reason.

The post that she shared on the micro-blogging site read, “I’m not arguing with no b***h that buy her panties in a pack. F**K OUTTA HERE!!!” Her tweet quickly garnered attention as people expressed how baffled they were after reading the post. “What ? Then what kind of underwear your supposed to buy ? Donks then only ones that don’t come in a pack,” one asked.

Not a few also argued with Shannade, with one saying, “Ppl set standards that make no sense….. are they clean ? Do they fit ? That’s all that matter.” Meanwhile, another person slammed her back, “Wasn’t she just wearing prison panties a couple of months ago?! Be humble…” Someone else echoed, “like she was wearing Victoria secret in jail.”

On the other hand, a number of people brought up a similar topic to hit back at Shannade. “wtf sorry we dont have a dead sugar daddy to steal from smh,” an individual responded. “She buying her lingerie with a dead man’s card, she needs to take several seats..,” one more person said, with another similarly saying, “But sis… everybody ain’t got the luxury of stealing a dead mans credit card.”

They were referring to the incident back in 2018 when she was accused of stealing debit card information from a man who died shortly after a “prostitution date” with her. She used his debit card to pay her rent, purchase flight tickets and make online purchases of clothing and other merchandise. In the following year, the “Bad Girls Club” alum pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to one count of wire fraud.

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