Monty Don says Gardeners’ World decision is out of his hands after sparking concerns

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Gardeners’ World star Monty Don, 65, was asked if the show could air new episodes and give viewers more tips on how to care for their garden during the colder months, instead of repeats. However, the presenter told the social media user the decision was not up to him.

That kind of decision is made on high (at least, higher than any of us)

Monty Don

The show fan commented: “@GWandShows @TheMontyDon I wonder if, at least this year with so many new gardeners, you couldn’t extend GW over the winter to help with what we should be doing, especially in the veg garden.”

He replied: “Not in our hands I am afraid. That kind of decision is made on high (at least, higher than any of us).”

The Twitter user responded: “Not suggesting you have to do it, Monty, but sad that the powers think more reruns is better than helping folks cope during these times.”

Another commented: “Even though I am firmly in the ‘more would be better’ camp, you do deserve & need a break.

“Enjoy it! We will survive and we will happily be back together in 2021.”

Monty’s response comes after he left fans concerned when filming equipment was removed from his home last week.

In view of his 201,500 followers, he shared a video of a crane lifting a shipping container, filled with camera filming equipment, onto a flatbed lorry to be removed from his estate.

“5km of cabling gathered up and the last portacabin loaded,” he wrote online.

He went on to add: “The remote control filming set-up derigged. Hopefully back to normal filming next Spring.”

A fan then queried: “Hopefully you will still be the front man?”

“You’ve got me for at least 2 more years I am afraid!” the presenter reassured the social media user.

“10 years please Monty not 2,” another fan added.

Ahead of this, he told followers he had finished filming for the year.

He divulged: “The final show has to be edited and assembled via a dozen home computers ready for the last broadcast on the 30th.”

The presenter had been filming for the show from his home throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The horticulture expert went on to confirm a new series will be back next March.

Away from the show, Monty shared his opinion on free meals for school children, amid Marcus Rashford’s ongoing campaign.

The footballer launched a petition to extend free meals over half term for families who are struggling.

Sharing his thoughts, he wrote: “Should we not make it a matter of national pride that every school child has free, good food that is prepared fresh daily using local, seasonal food?

“As part of our nation’s health and education it seems to me essential, practical and moral.”

Many of his fans flocked to his post to comment, with one writing: “Whilst I agree, It is not cost effective to have school canteen operate during non-term time.

“A different mechanism is required. Supermarket vouchers perhaps for eligible families?”

In response to this, he wrote: “Being ‘cost effective’ is part of the problem.

“As a society we should be prepared to pay for this from our taxes – what is most ‘cost effective’ is the health and well-being of our children – every day of the year.”

Gardeners’ World continues tonight at 9pm on BBC Two.

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