Pink Reveals Son Jameson Has ‘Pretty Bad’ Food Allergies Following Coronavirus Battle

Pink’s son just can’t catch a break!

The 40-year-old singer took to Instagram over the weekend to detail her son Jameson Moon Hart’s latest health issue after the 3-year-old battled the coronavirus. According to the singer, little Jamo has food allergies!

In a selfie-style video recording, the Grammy winner described a recipe for a vegan, gluten-free, egg-free cherry tart (yum!) before revealing why she needed such a recipe. She shared: 

“My dear boy, Jamo, has, turns out, pretty bad food allergies, which we were able to find out in some of the blood testing that we had to do recently because of COVID… He’s allergic to wheat, dairy, and eggs.”

Ugh. That’s basically all the good stuff!

The news that Jameson is doomed to live a gluten-free, egg-free existence comes after the Trouble singer revealed both she and the tot had beaten COVID-19 following their diagnoses last month.

During an Instagram Live days after her announcement, the pop rocker said Jameson “got the worst” of the “really, really scary” virus, telling fans that neither her husband Carey Hart nor their 8-year-old daughter Willow experienced symptoms of the virus.

She said:

“I’ve kept a journal of his symptoms for the past three weeks and mine as well. He still, three weeks later, has a 100 temperature. It’s been a different rollercoaster for both of us, but Carey and Willow have been perfectly fine. There were many nights when I’ve cried and I’ve never prayed more in my life. It’s funny, but at one point, I thought they promised us our kids would be OK. It’s not guaranteed. There is no one that is safe from this.”

The star opened up more about her and Jameson’s health situations in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few days later, telling the host:

started with a fever for and it would come and go and he would have stomach pains and diarrhea and chest pains and then a headache, sore throat. It sort of was just all over the place. Every day was just some new symptom. His fever stayed, it didn’t go. And then it just started going up and up and up and up and then at one point it was at 103. I’m calling my doctor, ‘What do I do?’ He’s like, ‘There’s nothing to do. He’s 3. We’re not seeing this take 3-year-olds out, so just stay home.’”

Fortunately, the two made a full recovery, and Pink went on to detail her scary experience with the virus in a heartfelt Mother’s Day post, writing:

“Battling COVID-19 along with my 3-year-old son was the most physically and emotionally challenging experience I have gone through as a mother. Weeks after receiving our test results, my son was still ill and feverish. It was a terrifying time, not knowing what might come next.”

Our hearts are with the family as Pink continues to find tasty gluten-free, egg-free recipes.

Ch-ch-check out her post (below).




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