‘Price Is Right’ Announcer George Gray Suffers Three Heart Attacks

George Gray, the announcer on the game show The Price Is Right, is currently in the hospital after suffering three heart attacks this week.

The 53-year-old television personality woke up with chest pains on early Monday morning and his wife called 911 after his condition deteriorated, according to TMZ.

George suffered his first heart attack while in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The second heart attack happened while he was taking a walk in the hospital and the third heart attack took place while he was on the operating table to get a third stent in his artery.

After that third heart attack, which reportedly was a “massive” one, George was given a quadruple bypass. He thankfully is in “stable condition” right now.

George is crediting coronavirus for keeping him alive though because he would’ve been on vacation in Thailand right now. He thinks if he was there, he wouldn’t have been able to survive the heart attack.

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