Queens Brian May demands end to ‘hideous and useless badger cull in speech to Parliament

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Queen guitarist Brian May has spoken out against badger culling and the import of fur while speaking in Parliament. The musician called the culls “hideous and useless” and also called for laws to be tightened on blood sports such as fox hunting. 

Brian, 74, addressed the controversial issue in view of his three million followers in an Instagram post yesterday evening. 

He wrote: “In Parliament today – speaking at a reception organised by Humane Society International to try to make sure the Government keeps to its promise to end the import of Foie Gras and fur. 

“Also of course demanding an end to the hideous and useless badger cull (140,000 beautiful native British animals have now been slaughtered, producing no benefit for cows or farmers). 

“And to tighten up the laws against fox hunting and other blood sports.”

In the first picture of several, a sombre-looking Brian held up a poster reading: “I support a #FurFreeBritain”.

He also included other snaps of the information printed on the factual material up close, as well as the barcode to get involved.

In one photo, the text read: “Every year over 100 million animals are killed for their fur worldwide.

“The UK banned fur farming as unethical almost 20 years ago, but we still import millions of pounds worth of real fur from abroad each year.

“If it’s too cruel to produce here, then it’s too cruel to sell here. 

“73% of the British public support a fur import and sales ban. 

“It is time for the UK to end this double standard and stop trading in cruel and deadly fur.”

Brian was inundated with support from his followers, who also felt change was needed.

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Isabella Ricci wrote: “Thank you for all of the good you are doing. Bless you Bri.”

Hanna penned: “Wow, Bri, so many important projects. You’re just the best for fighting against the unfair and cruel treatment of our fellow creatures.”

Maria commented: “Thank you Bri for fighting for the animals. I’m so proud of you. 

“You know this means the world to me. It’s about time the government realised that animals have as much right to love and respect and peace as we humans do. Bless you.”

Rose wrote: “End to animals slaughtering, end to badger cull and fox hunting!! 

“Animals have a mind, they’re conscious like us and they have feelings. 

“We need to let them live ! Nearly 3 years of being vegetarian and proud of it.”

Sarah added: “Ever impressed with your tireless efforts to use your platform and voice to speak out for the powerless who can’t. Fight that good fight, Bri.”

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