Rapper Tokyo Jetz Admits Her George Floyd Joke Is Inexcusable in Tearful Apology

The ‘No Problem’ raptress addresses her video in which she’s seen placing a friend in a playful headlock and saying, ‘I’ma George Floyd your muthaf**kin’ a**,’ after receiving backlash.

AceShowbiz -While many have taken to the streets to express their anger and pain over the tragic death of George Floyd, Tokyo Jetz seemed to make light of the situation. The rapper made fun of the African-American man’s killing in a video which surfaced on Monday, June 1, prompting backlash from social media users.

It didn’t take long for Tokyo to notice the criticism leveled against her and now she has apologized for it. In a three-minute video posted on her Instagram page, the “No Problem” spitter tearfully addressed her insensitive joke as saying, “Nothing excuses what I’ve said and done, but I do really want everyone to know I’m not proud of it and sincerely apologize.”

“I’m not doing this video to ask for no type of sympathy,” she said, before she received more criticism for her apology, “because what I did was wrong as hell.” She continued, “First and foremost, I want to apologize to family, to people out on the front line, to the people who actually stand up for us.”

“I don’t want nobody to ever think that I don’t understand that I’m black as f**k. Nothing else, I can be never nothing else,” she added. “I don’t want people to ever think that I don’t understand my son is black as hell, and at any given moment, it could be me that needs someone to stand up for me. It could be him. It could be anybody around me.”

Realizing her mistake, Tokyo admitted, “I made a bad decision. I made a joke out of a situation that’s serious as f**k. I’m embarrassed, not for myself, as much as I am for the people that respect me, my son. What I’m supposed to stand for. It was not really a way for me to communicate.” While she understands that, at this moment, some might not accept her apology, she still felt the need to do it because she “owes it to a whole lot of people….I’m sorry…I was deada** wrong.”

Tokyo repeated her apology in the caption, writing below the video, “I’m sorry, I messed up big time. Nothing excuses what I’ve said and done, but I do really want everyone to know I’m not proud of it and sincerely apologize.”

In the video in question, Tokyo was seen putting her arms around her male hairstylist’s neck in a chokehold and jokingly saying, “I’ma George Floyd your muthaf**kin’ a**.” People quickly expressed their disgust at her joke, with one saying, “I can’t believe Tokyo Jetz, a Black woman with a Black son, even fixed her mouth to say that foul s**t.”

“At no point ever should a George Floyd or Eric Garner, or any situation like this be mocked or joked with. So for Tokyo Jetz to do that s**t right after it’s happened. Can’t ever f**k with you now,” another unimpressed user wrote. “Oh wow Tokyo Jetz was very out of line … we all making lil Jokes and laughing at certain s**t but what she said was very insensitive saying that wild s**t out of her mouth,” read a similar comment.

After she trended on social media because of the controversial video, the Grand Hustle artist deleted all content on her Instagram page before posting the apology video.

Meanwhile, hairstylist Tokyo Stylez a.k.a. Mia Jackson has set things straight after she apparently was mistaken for Tokyo Jetz amid the latter’s controversy. The transgender wigmaker, who is known for her appearances on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” as Kylie Jenner‘s personal hairstylist, addressed the confusion in a statement which read, “In light of some comments that was said about George Floyd an African American killed by Minnesota police force I would first like to clear the air and say I didn’t not (sic) say those things and please don’t confuse me with another Tokyo.”

“I and my team take pride in our heritage and I stand with the millions of protestors in solidarity,” she added. “My heart also goes out to the many others oppressed by law enforcement. I would never speak out against or joke on this matter because I am those very people and I’m not exempt by no means. I will give my life to this fight and I hope that person that made those damning comments takes this time to reflect and join this fight as well.”

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