Rihanna Appears To Have Covered Up Her Matching Shark Tattoo With Drake From 5 Years Ago!

Rihanna is moving things right along, whether we all realize it or not!

The 33-year-old pop star was photographed this week during her PDA-packed date night with boyfriend A$AP Rocky in NYC, and quickly, fans noticed in the photos that it appears as though the singer seems to have covered up one of her tattoos! (You can see an old pic of her camouflage shark ink in the inset, above!)

That’s big news, because she got that tat — on her left ankle — back in 2016 when she was still with then-boyfriend Drake. Shoot, Drake himself had an identical shark inked on the inside of his arm at the time, too. So clearly that shark meant something to the both of them!

Judging by a close-up look at her left ankle during her recent outing, it appears the old body art has been covered up by a crown, or something similar. Whatever it is now, the art is considerably darker, more filled-in, and looks like it wraps further around her ankle than the camo shark ever did.

And it’s cute! We’re not hating the new tat at all. Just making notes about new looks, new tats, new men, new outings… you know, the usual for  an A-list superstar like RiRi!!!

Click HERE to see the most recent paparazzi pics showing the apparent cover-up.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! Surprised that Rihanna covered up her Drake-inspired tat, or nah?? Sound OFF about everything with your take down in the comments (below)…

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