Rose McGowan’s Debut Album Is Premiering This Week

Rose McGowan is about to release her debut album, Planet 9.

The 46-year-old entertainer has been working on the album for five years.

“When I was a small child going through tough times, I created a utopian world in my mind and I named it Planet 9. I felt safe on this invented planet of mine. I also used to wonder what sounds existed on my planet. As life went on, I forgot about how special my planet was, I forgot I could go there in times of trouble,” Rose explains of the inspiration behind her album.

She continued in her statement, “Six years ago, astronomers found a new planet they named Planet 9 – it’s the new planet that demoted Pluto to a star. Holy s! They found my Planet 9! Around the same time, I met some French electronic musicians, and I decided to make music that has the power to lift your spirit. I know this, art heals.”

Planet 9 takes you on a very special journey. I am not trying to be a pop star, I will not be performing this album,” Rose adds. “By using my knowledge of cinema sound design, I carefully created the sounds and words for a better place, an unknown world in our own mind that we can all travel to. Planet 9 is an artistic endeavor that I hope will help others meditate in a unique way.”

Tracks on the album include: “Canes Venatici”, “Sirene”, “Green Gold” and “We Are Free”.

Planet 9 is set to be out on Friday, April 24. You can see a preview for the album below!

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