Selena Gomez Failed Her Driving Test Almost 20 Times Before Getting Her License

Some celebrities simply can’t be bothered with the hassle of driving. Others insist on settling in behind the wheel of the most exotic and expensive cars they can buy. One celebrity starlet is charting her own course in the spotlight. Selena Gomez is a young music sensation.

What she is not, is the best driver. In fact, she admitted to having taken her driver’s test almost 20 times before actually passing. So is she one of those celebrities who should let the chauffeurs handle her transportation? Or did she finally get the hang of driving and get better behind the wheel?

A little Selena Gomez refresher

If you don’t remember what made Selena Gomez so famous, here’s a refresher. You might recall her originally as a fixture in the Disney universe of television shows, music, and movies.

She has since developed her career into one as a solo artist and philanthropist. Gomez also earned public praise and admiration for sharing her experience with lupus.

She may not be one of the highest-paid starlets in Hollywood, but she certainly has built a hefty nest egg. As of January this year, Gomez is reported to be worth a whopping $75 million, according to Evening Standard.

A budding career started young

The Texas native was born in July of 1992 and made her television debut as regular on Barney and Friends. According to, she developed a Disney footprint with other TV favorites, including Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

She released her pop album, Kiss & Tell, in 2009. Fast-forward a few years, and the young talent had her arms around a host of projects and successes, including chart-topping songs like “Lose You to Love Me.”

She didn’t pass the first time, or tenth

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Selena Gomez was too busy being successful, on-screen, and with her music, to be bothered with getting her driver’s license at 16-years-old. According to J-14, Gomez lamented about how she still hadn’t managed to get her permit yet.

When she did finally get around to pursuing the online course and actual driving test at the California DMV, passing would prove to be difficult. In fact, it took her 19 times before she finally passed.

Her ability in the driver’s seat would prove to be a challenge. One, she was prepared to meet head-on, and with as many attempts necessary.

What she’s doing for transportation today

Selena Gomez joked back then about her long it would take her to get her license. Practice makes perfect, and failing so many times must have built her confidence driver.

Gomez now has her license and is often pictured behind the wheel. Some of the vehicles in her celebrity garage include a Porsche, BMW, Mini Cooper, and a Vespa Buddy 125.

But is Selena Gomez a good driver?

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She may have her license today, and plenty of cars to take for a spin, but is Selena Gomez a responsible driver? Some sources say she’s a good driver. Other headlines about her various fender benders say otherwise.

She backed into another vehicle in 2014 when fleeing the paparazzi. She backed into a fence outside a salon in 2016, again trying to outmaneuver the fan-driven celebrity photographers. It could be she just needs a little more practice in reverse.

Selena Gomez has a huge fan following and continues to succeed at every endeavor she tackles. It may have taken Gomez longer than most to get her driver’s license. After almost 20 attempts at the test, she followed through on her mission. Her fans may love her more for being honest and dedicated enough to keep trying.

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