Stacey Solomon opens door to secret room at Pickle Cottage – a cobweb covered gym

If you follow Stacey Solomon's Instagram account (and who doesn't?) then you'll be familiar with every inch of Pickle Cottage.

At least, that's what we thought. But it turns out that there is another secret room we haven't had any hint of – until now.

Stacey lifted the lid on the mysterious room on Bank Holiday Monday in hilarious fashion – comparing the cobwebby space to Mrs Haversham's home.

However this isn't quite the stuff of Dickens' novels – with the sunny room instead an abandoned gym, filled with brand new equipment – still with it's instruction manuals attached – and then left to rot.

Of course this isn't the doing of clean queen Stacey – instead it's her I'm A Celebrity star husband Joe who is to blame, as she swiftly explained.

Stacey said of the gym space: “It’s like Mrs Havesham’s house. Nothing has been used in here since Joe bought it. So I’m cleaning it all out. I’m going to try and use it every day. If I don’t for the next month then the whole lot is going to charity. Because it’s such a waste!

"I hate the gym tbh but I hate waste more so maybe this will be good for me.”

In what must have been an annoying coincidence, Joe bought the equipment from one of the families she was helping to declutter their homes on her BBC show Sort Your Life Out.

And, Stacey told her followers, he's barely stepped foot inside since.

“Mopping this bloody floor is the biggest work out this garage gym has ever seen. It’s f*****g filthy.”

After her hard work was complete, mum of five Stacey showed off the newly sparkling gym as the dogs waited at the front.

She said a “new era” had stated, adding: “Got the last bit of floor to mop then I’m going to try and come in here every morning before the kids wake.

“I honestly can’t let it go to waste anymore. I’d love to be able to stick to something like this but I’ll be honest life is hectic and I’ve never been able to before."

Joe is currently appearing on screens on an all star version of I'm A Celebrity, recorded in South Africa last year.

On Monday night's show he will be seen getting tearful as he reflects on how the ITV show is to thanks for him meeting Stacey – with whom he now has three kids.

Joe says: “Honestly, I genuinely feel like I’m the biggest winner ever from anyone who’s done this show. It gave me my wife, my kids, a career for over a decade.

“Growing up, all I wanted to be was a dad and have a family. The jungle came along and I met my wife on the jungle.

“I feel like I’ve won this already. I don’t know where I would be without it. I’d just be that dude that was on EastEnders years ago. Now, I’m Stacey Solomon’s husband.”


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