Stana Katic Admits She Was ‘Hurt’ By ‘Castle’ Firing, But Has Fond Memories From the Show

Stana Katic is opening up about her firing from Castle.

If you forgot, the 42-year-old actress was fired from the ABC show after playing Det. Kate Beckett for eight seasons. She is now opening about how she felt after being axed ahead of what would end up being the show’s final season.

“I was confused by the entire experience,” Stana shared with News Corp via Daily Mail. “I was hurt.”

Now that it’s been four years since the show ended, Stana says she can now look back and remember her time on the show fondly.

“But look, time has passed and I am so thankful to have been a part of that project, for it to have affected as many people as it did,” Stana said. “People loved that couple and loved the story we told, loved all of those characters.”

Stana continued: “It would be a disservice to the work that I did, which I feel partly contributed to the success of the show, if I looked back on it and was anything but grateful for the awesome run.”

Castle, starring Stana and Nathan Fillion, ran from 2009 to 2016.

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