‘Straight Outta Compton’ actor Jason Mitchell arrested

Actor Jason Mitchell is facing legal trouble after being arrested on April 22, 2020, according to TMZ. Mitchell, who played Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton, was arrested in Mississippi and was booked into Harrison County Jail. The actor faces four felony charges, per TMZ.

Two of the felony charges are “for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute,” and TMZ reported that police found “two pounds of marijuana and 1,300 doses of MDMA” in Mitchell’s GMC Yukon “during a traffic stop.” The substances were packaged “in a manner consistent with a mid-level distribution operation,” the police documents allege.

The remaining felony charges are “for possession of a weapon by a felon.” The actor was reportedly found with a “Glock 19 pistol and a mini Draco AK47 semi-automatic pistol.”

This isn’t the first time Mitchell has made headlines, as he dealt with multiple controversies in 2019.

Jason Mitchell's representative speaks out

After being booked in jail, the actor was released that same evening on a $150,000 bond, per Page Six.

During the morning hours on April 23, 2020, TMZ heard back from Mitchell’s rep, who stated, “Jason is at home with his family right now, working on an amazing new project. News stories move fast and oftentimes without all of the facts. This misunderstanding will be resolved shortly. We trust that the court systems blind justice will protect Jason’s rights and allow him to tell his story.”

The rep added, “During the Pandemic it’s best we focus on the importance of our Nation growing back to our full capacity.” However, the rep did not add any particular details on the arrest.

Unfortunately, this is not Mitchell’s first time being in the spotlight for negative reasons. In 2019, the actor was reportedly dropped by his agency and dismissed from certain work projects due to allegations of misconduct. So what happened?

Trouble in Jason Mitchell's past

Jason Mitchell got his breakthrough role in 2015, when he played the rapper Eazy-E in the biopic Straight Outta Compton, according to USA Today. Mitchell went on to play the character, Brandon Johnson, in The Chi, a TV drama about “Chicago South Side neighbors” by Lena Waithe, per USA Today. In an unfortunate turn of events, Mitchell’s co-star from The Chi, Tiffany Boone, left the series in 2018 after “alleging Mitchell sexually harassed her,” according to Page Six.

After establishing himself as a key character in The Chi, Mitchell was cast in the Netflix movie, Desperados. While he was down in Mexico to work on the Netflix production, Mitchell was dropped from the movie for sexual misconduct allegations, according to Deadline.

Netflix was the first to drop the actor, but shortly after they let him go, Showtime’s The Chi followed suit and dropped him, meaning Mitchell never acted beyond the show’s second season. Not only that, but Mitchell was dropped by United Talent Agency, per Deadline.

However, Mitchell did get a chance to come forward and speak up. While it was too late for him to get any of these roles back, at least he got to share his side of the story.

Jason Mitchell defends himself

After allegations of misconduct, actor Jason Mitchell appeared on The Breakfast Club in November 2019 to give his side of the story. The actor said he felt like he didn’t get a fair chance to defend himself before getting dropped by Netflix.

Mitchell said that he was out in Mexico with a female coworker and she got drunk one night. Mitchell explained: “Being the person that I am, I felt responsible to make sure she got home. Because they’re already telling us, like, ‘Don’t take the Ubers, don’t trust these people, don’t jump in a cab, don’t do any of that.’ We’re in Mexico City and we’re in a foreign land and we should stick together.”

Mitchell added: “This isn’t where I leave her. So I make sure she got home and the next day, it kind of all slapped me in the face … I made sure she got home but other than that, nothing really happened.”

The next day, rehearsal was cancelled and Mitchell was called in to share his side of the story. When production decided to send him home, Mitchell said it was never clearly stated what he was being accused of though he was paid in full.

While Mitchell got the chance to explain himself, he still lost the roles he was working on in 2019. And now, after this recent arrest, it looks like 2020 might not be a great year for the actor either.

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