Teejayx6 Plays Down Video of Him Running Away After Getting Jumped by Lil Baby’s Crew

The ‘Dark Web’ rapper is involved in an altercation with Lil Baby’s 4PF crew at an Atlanta mall, a day after he posted a picture of the ‘Drip Too Hard’ hitmaker’s driver license.

AceShowbizTeejayx6 has been involved in an altercation with Lil Baby‘s crew, 4PF. On Tuesday, May 26, a video circulated online of the “Dark Web” spitter getting chased out of Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta by a group of aggressive men.

Hours after the clip surfaced, Teejayx6 took to Instagram Live to address the incident. He seemed to make light of the incident, saying that others would run away too if they got jumped. “It’s okay to run,” he said, looking indifferent. “I had to run. Sometimes you gotta run, bro. If a group of n***as jumped you, what’d you gonna do, bro? Would you go stand there or what… ? I had to run.”

He then tried to recreate how fast he was running at the time and claimed that he’s still got a black eye from the fight. “Listen, a group of n***as walk up on you, bro. I still got the little black eye too, look,” he said in the Live video, adding that they also took his chain. “I got the little black eye, you see it? Y’all see the black eye. Those n***as beat my a**.”

When a fan asked how he got to Detroit so fast, he responded, “But, I don’t know, bro. I don’t know how I go to Detroit so fast, wasn’t that video today, bro?” Another viewer suggested that he sported an eyeliner instead of an injury from the physical fight. He laughed it off, before saying, “I’m off this s**t, bro,” and turning off the Live.

It’s not clear what caused the fight in the shopping center, but the video surfaced one day after Teejayx6 posted a picture of Lil Baby’s driver license on his Instagram page. “Got Lil Baby’s SSN and ID. I’m about to be rich when I get that bank log,” he claimed, before changing the caption to, “Blame lizard squad.”

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