Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Make Out On Beach in Costa Rica

Tom Brady‘s back in the game!!! Take it easy, Pats fans … we’re talking about his hot and heavy beach make out session with his hot supermodel wife, Gisele.

TB12 and Gisele are on their annual off-season getaway to Costa Rica … and things are heating up, because they couldn’t keep their hands or lips off each other during a romantic stroll down la playa.

The Bradys even packed on the PDA as they got soaked by the waves. This is some serious G.O.A.T on G.O.A.T action.

Gisele’s flaunting her legendary Brazilian bombshell body in a pretty skimpy bikini. Tom doesn’t look too bad either, especially for a 42-year-old quarterback in the middle of his off-season.

Tom’s future is up in the air … no one knows which NFL team he’s gonna land with as he nears free agency after 20 years with the New England Patriots — but for now, he’s just digging everyday life with Gisele.

We already saw Tom’s wife doing a solo, impromptu photo shoot on the beach this week. Easy to see why the champ got off the bench for some QT with his better half.

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