Tori Spelling Responds to Backlash for April Fool’s Day Pregnancy Post

Tori Spelling is addressing the controversy.

On Thursday (April 1), the actress posted a photo of herself cradling her stomach along with the caption, “No. 6,” implying she was pregnant.

Tori is the mother Liam, 14, Stella, 12, Hattie, 9, Finn, 8 and Beau, 4 with husband Dean McDermott.

While many fans congratulated Tori in the comments of her post, some users found it insensitive given how many women struggle with fertility.

As one commenter wrote, “I really hope you aren’t using a pregnancy as an April fools joke considering there are so many women out there who wish they could have just one child. You have been blessed with 5, please have compassion and empathy. This is nothing to joke about!”

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