Washington Nationals Rain Delay, Naked Fan Goes Buck Wild On Wet Field!

A naked fan had the time of his life during the Washington Nationals’ rain delay Wednesday — slipping and sliding all over the wet field — and pics of the guy’s joy ride are INCREDIBLE.

The scene all went down in D.C. … when shortly after MLB officials paused the Nats’ game against the Reds and tarped up the field due to heavy rain — a dude stripped off his clothes and ran all over the place!!!

For several minutes, the fan — dong out and butt fully exposed — sprinted across the diamond and slid on the slippery field covering!!

In an amazing twist — he ended up INSIDE the tarp roller to escape stadium security … and video fans shot of him getting in the big tube is laugh out loud funny!!!

Eventually, authorities at the ballpark were able to get the streaker out … but you can see in the photos — he was happy as a clam while being taken off in handcuffs!!

It’s unclear if the guy was hauled off to jail or just punished at the stadium … we’re working on it.

As for the game, the rain never really let up — so it was suspended and will resume once the rain officially dissipates on Thursday afternoon.

What a day at the ballpark!

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