Watch Jason Derulo Basically Knock His Front Teeth Out While Eating Corn On The Cob With A Power Drill!

While many TikTok trends involve coordinated dance moves, this isn’t one we can get behind!

On Tuesday, Jason Derulo ate an ear of corn on a rotating power drill, and spoiler alert, it doesn’t exactly end well!!

The Talk Dirty singer recently amassed 20 million followers on the platform and attempted this “life hack,” which he had “always wanted to try.” We can only hope he was wearing veneers because within seconds of starting to enjoy the spinning veggie, his two front teeth were basically gone!

He captioned the video, shared to Instagram:

“Don’t try this ??”


Ch-ch-check it out for yourself (below):

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Don’t try this ??

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Thankfully he was spotted by paparazzi later in the day with some new pearly whites — which means he got his chompers fixed, and fast!

Why would anyone do this??? Has boredom really come this far during the coronavirus pandemic? Sound OFF on your thoughts (below)!

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