Will Smith: The Academy LIES! I Was NEVER Asked to Leave the Oscars!

Folks, we regret to inform you that the drama surrounding The Slap has yet to subside.

As you’ve certainly heard by now, Will Smith smacked Chris Rock in response to a joke the comic made on stage at Sunday’s Academy Awards.

And it’s pretty much all that anyone has talked about in the days since.

At this point, we’ve heard numerous eye witness accounts of the incident, some of which offer up conflicting information.

One of the most surprising developments came on Wednesday, when multiple sources claimed that Smith had been asked to leave the premises after the assault, but he refused to do so.

Smith won the Oscar for best actor about 40 minutes after he slapped Rock, and he received a lengthy standing ovation during his speech.

Needless to say, if he’d been removed from the venue, it would have greatly influenced the way the rest of the evening unfolded, as well as the manner in which the incident was evaluated in the days that followed.

Now, sources are telling TMZ that Smith was not asked to leave the venue, and all reports to the contrary are erroneous.

The site’s insider says that Oscars producer Will Packer met with Smith after the incident and expressly told the actor that he would be allowed to remain in his seat for the remainder of the night.

The source says that there was a good deal of discussion backstage, and some top Academy brass were in favor of giving Smith the boot, but it seems that in the end, cooler heads prevailed.

A different insider tells People magazine that the situation was more complicated than it seemed, as Smith cautioned Rock against making jokes at Jada’s expense after the comic made light of her career while hosting the 2016 Oscars.

“He made fun of her in his monologue, saying she can’t boycott something she wasn’t invited to,” the source says.

A separate source tells the magazine that the two men “have been friendly, but Chris has also been making fun of Jada for years.

“At first Will used to laugh about it, but it really bothered Jada. Will has privately told Chris before to stop making fun of her, and that’s why this night escalated,” the insider claims.

The second insider adds that Smith has worked hard over the years to learn to contain his volatile temper, but he was unable to control himself in the wake of Rock’s joke.

“Will is a great guy, but he grew up in a home filled with anger and alcoholism,” the insider explains.

“He has lots of emotional baggage, and certain things set him off. He loves Jada very much through years of ups and downs. No matter what, Will loves and protects his family.”

That last part might explain the comments made by other celebs — including Amy Schumer, who was one of the host of this year’s Oscars– referencing the “pain” and “baggage” that Smith seems to carry with him.

It was widely assumed that these were sly references to Jada’s alleged infidelity, but it’s possible that the damage they were hinting at predates the Smiths’ alleged marital discord.

As for what the future holds for the 53-year-old, insiders say it’s currently unclear, as the situation is so unprecedented.

He’ll likely receive some form of mild discipline from the Academy, but what’s likely more concerning for Smith is the possibility that the events of this week will cause permanent damage to his career and legacy.

“He’s regarded with enormous respect,” one insider tells People.

“He has worked hard, and he championed this project, which is an extraordinary story, and his portrayal is Oscar-worthy,” the source continues.

“But this taints everything, and that’s unfortunate. To see that display of behavior on the global stage… That’s what he will be remembered for.”

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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