4 podcasts that real estate investors just starting out should listen to

  • Investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth and generate passive income. 
  • These 4 podcasts feature industry experts who draw on their experience to teach beginners what they need to know to start making smart investments. 
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Real estate can be daunting for any new investor, but there are podcasts to help. 

Led by industry professionals, these 4 podcasts break down what real estate investors need to know, from success stories to expert insights, investment strategies, and wealth-building tips. 

Keep reading for the full list. 

"CarrotCast," hosted by Trevor Mauch

The "CarrotCast" podcast, hosted by Trevor Mauch, breaks down the strategies and success stories of real estate agents and investors across the country in episodes that range from just over 10 minutes to longer than an hour.  

Mauch is the CEO of Carrot, a digital lead-generation system for real estate professionals. 

"The Epic Real Estate Investing Show," hosted by Matt Theriault

"The Epic Real Estate Investing Show" is hosted by Matt Theriault, an author, investor, and the CEO of Epic Real Estate.

His podcast includes everything from Theriault's top investment strategies, to guest appearances from top players in the industry. 

"BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast," co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene

The "BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast" is co-hosted by industry professionals Brandon Turner and David Greene.

On the show, they discuss how to build wealth through real estate investing by running through strategies and failures to learn from as well as inspiring success stories. 

"Commercial Real Estate Investing," hosted by Tim Diesel

Tim Diesel is an investor, author, commercial real estate broke, and the host of the  "Commercial Real Estate Investing" podcast.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Diesel uses the podcast to break down what's going on in the world of commercial real estate and relays the advice and strategies he believes will help others become successful in the sector.

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