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LOTS has been written about Disney+ and its high-profile Disney-owned content.

But some of the best is original and shouldn’t be overlooked.

‘Originals’ is a potential growth area for Disney+, since most streaming services keep users with the new content provided, not just the existing content shared.

Disney certainly has plenty to come in both departments with recent and new cinema releases (like Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker) likely to land on the service.

Plus there’s clear evidence the company is already taking its originals very seriously with one particular big hitter.

More on that below, as we look at the six best Disney+ Originals.

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1. Pixar in Real Life

Pixar has touched millions of years with its much-loved animations – from the Toy Story series to Up, form Wall-E to Monsters Inc.

But have you ever wondered how the studio’s creations might exist in real life?

This touching and heart-warming Disney+ original series offers six episodes and features much-loved characters from the studio’s world.

Filmed on location around New York city, these originals show the joy and delight Pixar’s creations can offer to the unsuspecting – even if they’re only a few minutes in length.

2. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

You might be hearing all about it now, but Star Wars: The Clone Wars series has been running since 2008.

There are seven seasons-worth of half-hour episodes, and the seasons vary between 10 episodes long and 22!

That means there is plenty of Star Wars content to scratch an itch. all the while enjoying some cutting-edge animation while finding out more about ongoing battles and both sides of The Force.

For Star Wars fans, one of the best Originals on Disney+ for sure.

3. Marvel Hero Project

Truly touching, this docu-series is unscripted and focuses on children making a big impact in their day-to-day lives.

Such a big impact that Marvel has decided to immortalise them in their own Marvel comic.

Inspiring, amazing and downright tear-jerking at times, Marvel Hero Project isn’t something you might expect on the platform.

Which is exactly why you should watch it.

4. DisneyNature Penguins

Penguins, need we say more? Okay, it’s a documentary about penguins – one of many Disney+ documentaries which add surprising depth to the service.

This family-friendly feature is just over an hour and follows Steve – and millions of other male Adelie penguins – travelling the journey of a lifetime.

Natural awe and wonder is guaranteed in this 2019 feature, as the story follows the trials and triumphs of Steve and the Adelies with stunning cinematography.

There may be a few close calls too, but don’t let it put you off.

5. Lamp Life

Toy Story has the heart of several generations. One of the biggest Pixar properties around, and still a favourite.

This is one of the shorter Disney+ originals at just 11 minutes long, but it’s important.

If you want to know what happened to Bo Peep after Toy Story 2 you’ll want to watch this neat little spin-off.

Or, if you don’t know why you’d want to, watch Toy Story 2, 3, and then 4 before returning to Lamp Life. Why not?

6. Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Another Star Wars series makes our Disney+ Originals list, but with good reason.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is one of the most-anticipated original series in some time, and now available on Disney+.

The first season of the live action Star Wars Spin-off picks up where the Galactic Empire fell down.

Without ruining anything, let’s just say that lone-adventurers make the story what it is. That and a certain Mandalorian.

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