6-Year-Old Boy Finally Receives Heart Transplant After Waiting 4 Long Years on List

Carlos went into surgery the next day, and Cossette immediately saw a difference in her son’s condition when he returned from the operating room. Before going into surgery, Carlos’ skin had been bluish-gray.

“My first reaction was his color,” Cossette recalled. “When I looked at him, his color was amazing,.”

With his new heart, Carlos’ breathing improved and his oxygen levels reached normal levels.

“That’s when I knew it was real,” Cossette said of the special moment.

Carlos is currently “doing great,” and Cossette is endlessly grateful for the family who donated the life-saving organ to her son.

“As I watched his chest rise, my heart got heavy,” Cossette wrote on a post to Facebook on April 4. “God bless the family who chose to donate this precious gift of life to my baby boy.”

About 20 people a day die awaiting organ transplants, according to the American Transplant Foundation, and there are over 114,000 people currently on the waiting list to receive a life-saving organ. One donor can save up to eight lives, the foundation says, and can save or enhance the lives of a hundred others.

While Carlos won’t be going home right away, and he’ll have to be quarantined to be protected from coronavirus once there. But he’ll have a new lease on life ahead of him.

“We will forever be grateful for the selfless act, for the family who saved our son’s life,” Cossette told Inside Edition. “Always have faith, because miracles do happen.”

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