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WHILE some of us only experience overheating in bed on the warmest summer nights, for some unfortunate sleepers, waking up a hot, sweaty mess in the middle of the night is a common occurrence.

While night sweats aren’t caused by sleeping on the wrong type of mattress, a badly-chosen mattress can really exacerbate the problem, so if night sweats are ruining the quality of your sleep, it might be worth investing in a new mattress. We've rounded up some of the best cooling mattresses on the market below.

Some mattresses are cooler because of their material composition while others have cooling capabilities added to them such as gels and other synthetic heat-wicking materials.

Memory foam, though comfortable, is often the culprit when it comes to feeling hot in bed – most are made from super-elastic but dense polyurethane which retains body heat, which is why some memory foam mattress manufacturers are now offering hybrid options or adding cooling gels and ‘open cell’ memory foams to counteract this problem.

If you do suffer from night sweats and hot flashes and feel unbearably comfortable in the summer months, it might be a good idea to avoid foams altogether and opt for a mattress with a 100% natural filling, topped with a 100% cotton cover and sheet for maximum breathability.

We’ve rounded up some hybrid mattresses and ones with natural fillings to help you find the perfect one to suit – for comparison, all prices quoted are for a standard-sized double mattress.

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