7designhouse Has Created an Aerokit for the Yet-to-Release Maserati MC20

New York-based design firm 7designhouse has gone ahead and created an aerokit for the upcoming hybrid supercar, the Maserati MC20.

The kit – lovingly nicknamed Aria – is an enhancement to the overall sleek aesthetic for the MC20. Up front, the obvious additions include highly aggressive and sculpted aerodynamics, in the shape of a deep, thin lip spoiler meant to increase downforce as the car reaches higher speeds. Canards are added to the front fenders to further guide airflow down the corners of the car for stability, while the long protruding side skirts of the MC20 end with a new intake vent in front of the rear wheels.

Rotating the car towards the rear, 7designhouse gave the low-slung body a massive rear diffuser, which again slams the car downward at top speed and causing a slippery effect underneath the chassis for maximum slipstream, while also decreasing drag behind the car. Opposite of the diffuser is the new carbon fiber wing, positioned high above the bumper and matching with the rear’s redesigned horizontal cross beam that still houses the exhaust tips. Rear aero flaps are also found added behind the wheels in painted body color, while the entire roof – including a new roof scoop – displays exposed CF weave.

7designhouse claims the car is “overhauled” in carbon fiber and aims to “inject racing DNA into the MC20 while maintaining the purity of the original design.” The firm also strictly state the kit is limited to only 25 units, making it an extremely rare modification set for an already high-anticipated supercar.

Check out more at 7designhouse’s official website. If race-inspired wide bodies are your thing, a pristine Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG is up for auction.
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