8 Drops You Don't Want to Miss This Week

With another week upon us, we have yet another installment of our product drops series. Leading the list is the sixteenth release of Supreme‘s Spring/Summer 2022 collection and Palace‘s Summer 2022 Week 6 drop. Stepping back into its major collaboration series for the season, this week Supreme has readied another seasonal release with The North Face.

The second collaborative range from the duo for Spring 2022 investigates the outdoors gear specialist’s Trekking line. The release this week is comprised of a Trekking Convertible Jacket, Short Sleeve Shirt, Hooded Sweatshirt, Short Sleeve Top, Belted Pant, Sweatpant, Belted Short, Camp Cap, Crusher, Convertible Backpack + Waist Bag and Sandal.

The accompanying Week 16 range is led by the Baseball Jersey Hooded Sweatshirt, Double S Crewneck, Rhinestone Stripe Baseball Jersey and the matching Shorts. Headwear options come in the form of the Denim Ripstop Camp Cap and Characters S Logo New Era®. Rounding up this week’s release is the Fat Tip Pool Float.

Standout collaborations this week include the Initial D x CARNIVAL “First Stage” collection, Dan Witz for PLEASURES capsule collection, Yohji Yamamoto x New Era® SS22 collection. Another notable release is the Modelo x Kid Super Jersey Set release from the “#ModeloTimeDrops” series. Finishing up the drops you don’t want to miss this week is JOEGUSH‘s SS22 collection and COMME des GARÇONS Parfums‘ new “ZERO” fragrance.

Catch this week’s 8 drops you don’t want to miss below.

Yohji Yamamoto x New Era® Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

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Yohji Yamamoto/New Era2 of 5

Yohji Yamamoto/New Era3 of 5

Yohji Yamamoto/New Era4 of 5

Yohji Yamamoto/New Era5 of 5

Yohji Yamamoto/New Era

When: Now

JOEGUSH Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

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Joegush2 of 16

Joegush3 of 16

Joegush4 of 16

Joegush5 of 16

Joegush6 of 16

Joegush7 of 16

Joegush8 of 16

Joegush9 of 16

Joegush10 of 16

Joegush11 of 16

Joegush12 of 16

Joegush13 of 16

Joegush14 of 16

Joegush15 of 16

Joegush16 of 16


When: Now

COMME des GARÇONS Parfums “ZERO” Fragrance

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Comme Des GarÇons2 of 2

Comme Des GarÇons

When: Now

Supreme Spring/Summer 2022 Week 16 Drop

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Supreme2 of 25

Supreme3 of 25

Supreme4 of 25

Supreme5 of 25

Supreme6 of 25

Supreme7 of 25

Supreme8 of 25

Supreme9 of 25

Supreme10 of 25

Supreme11 of 25

Supreme12 of 25

Supreme13 of 25

Supreme14 of 25

Supreme15 of 25

Supreme16 of 25

Supreme17 of 25

Supreme18 of 25

Supreme19 of 25

Supreme20 of 25

Supreme21 of 25

Supreme22 of 25

Supreme23 of 25

Supreme24 of 25

Supreme25 of 25


When: June 9, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan Release June 11, 11 a.m. JST
Where: Supreme

Dan Witz for PLEASURES Capsule Collection

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Pleasures2 of 7

Pleasures3 of 7

Pleasures4 of 7

Pleasures5 of 7

Pleasures6 of 7

Pleasures7 of 7


When: June 10

Initial D x CARNIVAL “First Stage” Collection

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Carnival2 of 36

Carnival3 of 36

Carnival4 of 36

Carnival5 of 36

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Carnival7 of 36

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Carnival10 of 36

Carnival11 of 36

Carnival12 of 36

Carnival13 of 36

Carnival14 of 36

Carnival15 of 36

Carnival16 of 36

Carnival17 of 36

Carnival18 of 36

Carnival19 of 36

Carnival20 of 36

Carnival21 of 36

Carnival22 of 36

Carnival23 of 36

Carnival24 of 36

Carnival25 of 36

Carnival26 of 36

Carnival27 of 36

Carnival28 of 36

Carnival29 of 36

Carnival30 of 36

Carnival31 of 36

Carnival32 of 36

Carnival33 of 36

Carnival34 of 36

Carnival35 of 36

Carnival36 of 36


When: June 10

Modelo x Kid Super Jersey Set Release


When: June 10
Where: Modelo

Palace Skateboards Summer 2022 Week 6 Drop

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Palace Skateboards2 of 27

Palace Skateboards3 of 27

Palace Skateboards4 of 27

Palace Skateboards5 of 27

Palace Skateboards6 of 27

Palace Skateboards7 of 27

Palace Skateboards8 of 27

Palace Skateboards9 of 27

Palace Skateboards10 of 27

Palace Skateboards11 of 27

Palace Skateboards12 of 27

Palace Skateboards13 of 27

Palace Skateboards14 of 27

Palace Skateboards15 of 27

Palace Skateboards16 of 27

Palace Skateboards17 of 27

Palace Skateboards18 of 27

Palace Skateboards19 of 27

Palace Skateboards20 of 27

Palace Skateboards21 of 27

Palace Skateboards22 of 27

Palace Skateboards23 of 27

Palace Skateboards24 of 27

Palace Skateboards25 of 27

Palace Skateboards26 of 27

Palace Skateboards27 of 27

Palace Skateboards

When: June 10, 11 a.m. EDT & Japan/China Release June 11, 11 a.m. JST/CST
Where: Palace, “Palace_Skateboards” WeChat store
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