A Bride-to-Be Is Choosing Her Fur Babies Over Rainbow Babies & Reddit Has Made a Unanimous Decision

Breaking news: Weddings cause a whole lot of drama. From the venue, to the food, to the dress code and the invite list, the build-up to the happy day can be anything but. The latest drama on the Reddit “Am I The A—hole” (AITA) thread is regarding the wedding party. The couple has started discussing who will be their ring bearer and their flower girl, and it’s safe to say their family is thoroughly pissed about their proposed plan.

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You see, the couple wants their dog and cat — Mika and Tibby — to take over the roles instead of her nieces and nephews, especially one set of 4-year-old twins — Ava and Liam — who always get special attention from the family.

“I casually brought it up at a family get-together,” the bride wrote. “And my SIL took me aside later and asked why we gave ‘Ava and Liam’s roles’ to our animals … She said that it would be ‘good for the family’ for the twins to be in the wedding and that it’s ‘against tradition to have animals in the wedding.””

And so, after “her mind has been spinning,” this bride turned to Reddit to get some second opinions.

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