A British vet who lost his leg in Afghanistan welcomes triplets

Veteran who feared he was infertile and would never find love after losing his leg when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan is now a father-of-five after welcoming triplets

  • Vet Tyne Rogers, 30, from Birmingham lost his leg while serving in Afghanistan
  • The former soldier and amputee thought he would never find love or father kids 
  • Met Amy, 28, in 2013, who was not ‘fazed’ and the couple just welcomed triplets 

A British soldier who lost his leg after stepping on an explosive during his second tour of Afghanistan, and feared the incident left him infertile, has recently welcomed ‘miracle’ triplets. 

Tyne Rogers, 30, from Birmingham, West Midlands, thought he may never have a family of his own because he feared nobody would be attracted to him, as well as not knowing how the trauma had affected his fertility.

However, when he met his girlfriend Amy, now 28, she ‘wasn’t fazed’ by his injuries. 

Tyne feels ‘lucky to be alive’ after being resuscitated twice while being air lifted from the war zone after stepping on an improvised explosive device in March 2011.

His leg was blown off from the knee down and the main arteries in his hands were severed causing a loss of hand mobility.  

Now, nine years on, Tyne, is the proud father of five children, after welcoming triplets in April. 

British veteran from Birmingham Tyne Rogers, 30, feared he would never had a family of his own after losing in leg while serving in Afghanistan in 2011. But after finding love with his partner Amy, 28, the proud father welcomed triplets 

Tyne had to be resuscitated twice while being airlifted from the war zone in 2011 after stepping on an explosive. He lost his leg in the aftermath of the accident   

He said: ‘It is hard to comprehend what I have been through, it is a bit of a blur but I remember the day I stepped on the explosive.

‘I feel incredibly lucky to be alive – it has been a long road to recovery and I am still needing physiotherapy to this day.

‘I’ve lost count of the amount of operations I’ve had.

‘Doctors didn’t know if the explosive had affected my fertility at the time, because the impact of standing on a bomb could have ruined my sperm count completely.

While he recovered from his injury, Tyne was informed the bomb could have ruined his sperm count, annihilating any chance of having a family, but nine years on, he is the father of two children aged six and four, and just had adorable triplets Cruz, Amaro and Royle

Veteran Tyne was touring Afghanistan for the second time when the accident happened. He said he felt he did not want to become a ‘burdern’ to anyone after losing his leg 

‘I didn’t worry, nor did I have any further tests at the time to confirm this, because I didn’t think I would ever meet anyone.

‘It was a lot for me to deal with, never mind somebody else so I didn’t want to become a burden to anyone.

‘But that is definitely not the case with Amy, who isn’t fazed by my leg.’

The couple met in 2013 and went on to have two children India, six and Roman, four, who have recently been joined by triplets Cruz and Amaro – who are identical – and Royle, who are now eight weeks old.

Proud parents Tyne and Amy taking their triplets home.  Amy said she did not care about the leg and ‘loved him for him’

In 2011, after the accident took away his leg, Tyne was told there was a chance he might be infertile but he said he did not care because he thought he would not fine love

So cute! The couple admitted their jaws ‘were on the floor’ when Amy’s 12 week scan revealed they were expecting triplets Amaro, Cuz and Royle

Amy said: ‘It took Tyne a while to tell me about his leg because we first started chatting online, but I already knew and I didn’t care.

‘I fell in love with him, for him.

‘We were in shock when we saw three babies at the 12 week scan – our jaws were on the floor.

‘Although it can be challenging for Tyne at times, because he isn’t able to bath the babies due to his lack of mobility in his hand, he still does an amazing job.

The adorable triplets in matching outfits. Amaro and Cruz are identical twins, while Royle is not 

Amy with the triplets in hospital. The mother-of-five said she expected her ‘crazy’ household to only become ‘crazier’ as the triplets grow up 

Tyne and Amy already have two children: India, six and Roman, four, who welcomed their new siblings with open arms

‘He can’t run around with the children like he would love to but they don’t mind – it is all they’ve ever known.

‘We have a crazy household that is only going to get crazier as the boys grow up but I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

Tyne is frequently asked by strangers about his leg who often shake his hand to pay their respects.

He said: ‘It is humbling and nice to feel appreciated by others when I tell them how I lost my leg.’

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