Aldi's sell-out heated air dryer that slashes energy costs to 6p per hour is back on sale this weekend | The Sun

ALDI 's heated air dryer is making a comeback this weekend – and it costs just 6p per hour to run.

The £89.99 three tier heated airer is being sold online from this weekend, and could be useful for households looking to slash their bills.

Millions will be stung with energy bill hikes in just days, with the typical household paying £2,500 a year instead of £1,971.

Many are looking at ways of cutting their energy usage to save money.

One solution is to switch off energy guzzling appliances, like tumble dryers, in favour of ones that are most cost-effective.

Heated air-dryers are often a cheaper ways of drying their clothes during the warmer weather.

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Aldi's popular heated airer could slash £95.16 off your energy bills compared to using a tumble dryer.

The discount supermarket's three-tier heated airer is being sold online only from Sunday.

As it is a Specialbuy, once its gone, its gone – so you may want to act fast to get one for yourself.

How much does it cost to run a heated air dryer?

The cost of using a heated air dryer varies, depending on the wattage of the appliance.

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Aldi claims that this heated airer costs up to 6p to run for an hour – which is what Uswitch estimates the average cost of running one is.

So if you use it three times a week and keep it on for four hours, that costs £9.36 over the year.

It marks a significant saving compared to what it would cost if you used a tumble dryer instead.

According to Uswitch, it costs 67p per cycle to run your tumble dryer.

That would cost £104.52 a year if you use it three times a week.

How else can I slash my energy bills?

The most obvious way to save money is to opt hanging out your laundry on a clothes horse – or outside – to let them dry naturally instead.

It won't cost you a penny, but with temperatures dipping as autumn hits, keep in mind that getting your load dry could take longer.

You could also save money on washing your clothes too.

Which? has worked out that the average washing machine costs about £38 a year to run four washes a week.

If you reduced the temperature to 30°C then it would only cost £25, saving £13, and lowering it to 20°C will make it roughly £14 to run, saving £24.

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