Amazon giving £1 back to Prime shoppers if they opt for a no-rush delivery – The Sun

AMAZON Prime shoppers can now be paid £1 on certain orders if they opt for a "no rush" delivery.

The offer applies to orders over £10 available for Prime delivery, excluding baby, drugstore, and grocery products, gift cards and certain e-cigarette products.

When you get to the delivery stage, you'll see the "no rush" option listed if your purchase is eligible, and you just need to select it.

The £1 will be credited to your account once your items are dispatched and will be deducted automatically on future Amazon orders placed until June 14.

Again, there are restrictions on the items you can use the credit towards with alcohol, baby formula, gift cards, digital Amazon products and warehouse deals excluded.

There is no limit on how many promotional rewards can be used on an eligible order though.

Just be aware that if you later return the item, Amazon can take the £1 credit from you or can debit it from your card if you've already spent it.

But this isn't a permanent feature – it launched on April 14 and is due to end on May 14.

Before you buy, it's also worth thinking about whether your order is really essential.

We've asked Michael Buerk, host of Radio 4's Moral Maze, to answer some of your coronavirus moral dilemmas.

Online retailers are allowed to stay open during the coronavirus crisis, and with the economy headed south we've already seen a host of retailers and other companies go bust due to a lack of sales.

Posters on the Hotukdeals forum who've spotted the Amazon offer are in two minds about it – some think it's a nice bonus, whereas others say it's unfair to not get the next day delivery service they're paying for under Prime.

Prime customers pay £7.99 a month or £79 a year, or £3.99 a month or £39 a year if they're students.

But customers are waiting weeks for Prime deliveries due to coronavirus delays, and Amazon has yet to confirm if people will be offered refunds.

One person wrote: "On this basis it's no rush for me even if I was in a rush!"

Another said: "I don’t mind the slower delivery and I am really pleased the £1 reward has been brought back."

Someone else added: "Seeing as most items are being delayed (and understandably), it's nice to get something back that can be used in the future."

But one person complained that the £1 is "only redeemable against certain products".

Another said: "Just don't want to pay £8 a month for one-day delivery which it isn't right now.

"I understand why, but I don't want to continue to pay for a service I don't get."

The Sun has asked Amazon how long no rush deliveries are expected to take, and if no rush deliveries have been offered in the past – some shoppers say they previously used the credit on eBooks and other items.

We'll update this story as soon as we get a response.

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