Android headache as seriously annoying Google Play Store bug returns

Android users need to keep a lookout for a frustrating Google Play Store bug that has cropped up once again. Android is one of the most used pieces of software in the world, with the Google OS installed on 2.5billion devices – equivalent a third of the globe’s population. And the Google Play Store is the go-to place for Android users looking to download the latest and greatest apps for their handset or tablet.

But the official Android app marketplace has recently been hit with the re-emergence of one troublesome bug that could give users a big headache.

As revealed in a post by 9to5Google, an annoying Google Play Store bug that prompts people to reinstall updates they already have download has cropped up once again.

The bug was reported by Android users on Sunday and Monday with the issue mainly affecting Google apps such as YouTube, Gmail and Google Docs.

The issue was discovered when users, after noticing a high number of prompted updates, checked the version on the Play Store compared to app info on devices.


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Some of the updates Android users were being prompted to download were from last week while others were months old.

Unlike other recent Android alerts, this latest issue does not pose any risk to the security of your device.

However, those who have limited download allowances that have already installed these old patches may be frustrated to have used data unnecessarily.

The news comes after last week owners of some popular devices running Android reported another annoying bug that caused their devices to screech to a halt.

The problem happens when an app on an affected smartphone ends up crashing, which in and of itself shouldn’t be a major cause of concern.

But Android 10 users have noticed this has been having the knock-on effect of grinding their entire system to a halt and bringing the OS down.

The issue was first highlighted in a post by Android Police who said they had mainly noticed it on Pixel devices running Android 10.

Discussing the issue on Twitter, Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii said: “Another thing that really bothers me on the Pixel 4 XL – when an app freezes up, it oftentimes locks up the whole UI. Notifications, home gesture – everything becomes unresponsive.

“Sometimes the UI unfreezes when the app does, sometimes the app remains frozen. Anyone else?”

While in a thread on Reddit discussing Russakovskii’s tweet Android users also claimed that besides Pixel devices, OnePlus and Xiaomi smartphones had been affected.

Elsewhere 9to5Google said they had noticed the issue on the Google Pixel 4 XL as well as the Samsung Galaxy S20+.

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