Apple May Release a 32-Inch Option for the New iMac

Various sources and leakers are expecting Apple to give its iMac lineup a long-awaited major overhaul — the first since 2012 — and now some are suggesting that it might even come in bigger sizes.

According to reports, a credible Apple leaker by the username l0vetodream has posted on Twitter that the tech giant will be releasing a much bigger model for the iMac than currently available. The existing models are sized at 21.5 and 27 inches, and while no specific measurement has been provided for the upcoming revamped models, MacRumors says it could likely be 32 inches, as Bloomberg previously reported that Apple is trying to bring the iMac closer in design with its standalone Pro Display XDR monitor, which itself is 32 inches wide.

On top of a new, larger size, the new iMacs are also rumored to come equipped with next-gen silicon chips from Apple, which is currently testing them with 16 high-performance cores paired with four efficiency cores. YouTube leaker Jon Prosser also suggested that the machines could come in a range of colors.

Of course, these all remain rumors right now, and as usual, Apple has yet to confirm anything regarding the new iMac range, so those looking to purchase one should definitely stay tuned for more updates to come.

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