Baby tells mum help me in eerie first words which lead to her having surgery

A mum has been freaked out after her baby’s first words were her begging for help – before it was revealed she had a heart murmur.

TikTok user Shawna Annie was, like all parents, excited for her newborn Rona to finally speak but when she finally did she was horrified.

In her video posted earlier this week and seen more than 1 million times, the youngster can be seen adorably gargling before clearly saying: “Help me mum.”

Shawna captioned the clip: “When your daughter’s first words are a plea for help, terrifying.”

Viewers were unsurprisingly spooked by the choice of words being uttered so clearly.

“That scared me for real,” one wrote.

Another commented: “That gives me negative energy, I don’t know how to explain it.”

But the story then got even creepier with another revelation from Shawna.

She explained that the words were so chilling she decided to take her baby to the paediatrician to check if all was okay.

“She sent us to the cardiologist who heard a murmur,” Shawna continued. “She had surgery less than a month later.”

And the twist sent shivers down the spines of already frightened viewers.

“This comment shook me more,” one wrote. “She was actually telling you something. Babies are far too clever.”

Someone else added: “Wow, I sure hope she’s doing great now. Gave me chills.”

“Her comment, omg insane,” a third said.

Others, though, weren’t quite as scared, with one joking the words were just to get her mum to help her sit up.

In other baby news, a mum raged when her sister-in-law stole the name she had chosen for her newborn.

The couple had announced the name and sex in advance, posting a picture of a blanket embroidered with his name on Facebook.

But soon after, the sister-in-law announced she had just given birth, despite nobody knowing she was pregnant, and took the name.

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