Bride horrified as wedding minister goes off-script just before tying the knot

A woman has shared how her wedding ceremony took a bizarre turn when the minister went off-script just before she tied the knot with her partner.

Olivia Mancuso posted the video on her TikTok to celebrate her one-year anniversary with husband Fred.

She said in the video: "So me and my husband's minister went off-script during our ceremony and then this happened."

Olivia and Fred are seen holding their hands while her family and guests wait for the moment they are to be announced as husband and wife.

But the wedding minister deviates from her reversed plan and suddenly says: "From my heart to yours, here you go."

She sings "hallelujah" five times in a rather off-pitch tune while the shocked couple stare at each other.

Olivia is seen raising her eyebrows as the minister carries on performing in an octave-high range.

They wait patiently until the officiant finishes and says: "You may now kiss the bride."

Recalling the moment, Olivia told Today: "It was pure shock. We didn't put any sort of singing in our meticulously planned script so it caught us off guard.

"We did not talk to her about it afterwards. We really just wanted to start celebrating with our friends and family.

"Though we were a little upset, it was a small snafu in an otherwise perfect day."

The clip has amassed more than 613,000 views since she posted it two weeks ago.

One said: "Honestly I'm so impressed by your ability to keep a straight face."

Another said she wouldn't be able to hold the laugh if she was in Olivia's shoes.

A third viewer commented: "I am so sorry this happened and right before the kiss? For real lady?"

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