Britney Spears leaves fans mesmerised with ‘beautiful’ dance in throwback clip

Britney Spears stripped to teeny tartan shorts and a black sports bra as she performed a mystifying routine for her Instagram followers, with some getting on their detective hats to figure out when it was filmed.

The 39-year-old former Princess Of Pop smiled gleefully at the camera as she moved her body in time with the music, and Britney's army of followers were quick to shower her with compliments, even if it was an old video.

Some admirers, who have used the hashtag #FreeBritney, have claimed in the past that the hitmaker is sharing cryptic posts in a bid to "communicate" with the outside world, away from her conservatorship, and it would seem her latest post is no exception.

Fans flocked to the comments section in their masses to try and piece together exactly what was going on, while others simple showered her with praise.

One online user wrote: "Amazing," followed by love heart and heart-eye emojis.

A second penned: "Girl, I know you're feeling this full moon in Leo! Dance your heart out!"

Another added: "So expressive! So beautiful!"

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While a fourth person said: "We love you American dream."

Meanwhile, others became internet sleuths as they attempted to work out exactly when the dancing diva recorded the video.

Noticing that Christmas decorations that had been in the background of recent videos – as recent as one day before – were gone, some were confused.

And while some assumed they had just been taken down, others noticed that she had posted a dance video back in June 2020 in the exact same outfit.

On top of that, they noted that trainers placed in the background of the shot were in an identical position, leading them to believe the latest clip was taken in June.

In recent times, fans have become accustomed Britney strutting her stuff in front of the camera, especially during the lead up to her conservatorship battle with her father Jamie Spears.

Her conservatorship is up for negotiation again after the courts applied an extension, which is due to expire on February 1.

After Britney's public breakdown in 2007, her mum and dad swooped in to take over her finances and estate.

The star, who shot to fame in her early teens, has been under a conservatorship from her dad, who has had complete control since 2008.

In November, Britney attempted to overturn her father's powers but Judge Penny deferred any ruling and instead provided an extension.

The #FreeBritney movement was ignited on social media, with many internet users sharing their theories and speculation about Britney's life and well-being on the hashtag.

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