Brothers go from paperclip to £270 headphones in three weeks of trade challenge

Jawaad Khan has wanted to own a Tesla Model 3 for a while but with a £40,000 price tag, he wasn’t sure it would be possible.

Taking inspiration from Kyle MacDonald, from Canada, who turned a paperclip into a house in less than a year back in 2005, he decided to start a trade up challenge.

Although his brother Juned, 24, said he would prefer a Lamborghini to a Tesla, he agreed to help and in three weeks, they’ve made six trades and already have a pair of headphones worth £270.

Jawaad tells ‘It started out as a joke really. I liked the car and I thought it was maybe a more achievable goal than a house, which I knew had been done.

‘It’s taken off now and we’re just going to keep going until we get to a Tesla.’

Back in June, the brothers, from Ipswich, started with a red paperclip, which they traded for two mugs.

From there, they were able to trade for a gaming mouse, then a used coffee machine with pods, then a camera, a smartwatch and their current item – brand new Bang & Olufsen Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones.

Juned adds: ‘It doesn’t take us too long but we message about 100 people through Facebook marketplace and Gumtree and will maybe get just one or two responses.

‘We want to get something that we can trade going forward as well, so it needs to be something others would want.

‘We’d love to get a quad bike along the way so we can use that to go and pick up other trades.

‘This method is working so we’ll just stick with it for as long as possible.’

The brothers are spending a little time every day searching for their next trade, around their full-time jobs – Jawaad runs a company called SignFlow, which is software for time attendance, rota and leave management and Juned is working as an auditor at an accounting firm.

At the minute, they’re trying to keep it within driving distance of Ipswich or London (where they work sometimes) but said that they’d be willing to travel further as the trades get bigger.

They hope to reach their goal in under six months, based on MacDonald’s original project taking less than a year with a bigger prize.

Their antics have gained a following on social media with their TikTok account @theclipventure getting thousands of views.

If you want to trade something for the headphones, you can contact them through Instagram.

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