Cap’n Crunch Churns Out New "Chocolatey Churro Bites" & "Chocolate Caramel Crunch" Cereal

The Quaker Oats Company is back as it drops its new Cap’n Crunch “Chocolatey Churro Bites” and “Chocolate Caramel Crunch” cereal.

With one being more of a snack and the other more suited for a breakfast cereal, Cap’n Crunch has got you covered throughout the day. The “Chocolately Churro Bites” Snack Pouches are crunchy chocolate bites rolled up as mini churros, while the “Chocolate Caramel Crunch” cereal variety is packed with chocolatey caramel bits.

The good news is that this release is not just for a limited time only as they’re hitting the shelves starting this May for the churro bites and early June for the cereal. Grab a box of the “Chocolatey Churro Bites” for $5.49 USD and the “Chocolate Caramel Crunch” for $2.98 USD.

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