Carol Vorderman's PT reveals the secrets to help you get in shape like the I'm A Celeb star | The Sun

CAROL Vorderman is being kept in jungle shape by a celeb personal trainer.

The former Countdown star is currently battling bush tucker trials on I’m A Celebrity South Africa.

But before the show started last month, she hired PT Mel Deane, who has also trained everyone from Niall Horan to Nick Frost.

Mel, a former pro rugby player, has been putting Carol, 63, through her paces since last October.

On his personal website, Mel revealed the secret to his workouts is keeping every gym session personal and varied.

He said: “Each session is specifically designed to meet individual needs – and a vast array of goals and fitness objectives are catered for and can be accommodated. 

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“Variation is one of the keys to success, so no two sessions will ever be exactly the same.”

In a series of posts on her Instagram, Carol shared her “sweaty” routines involving a variety of weighted exercises, including squats, hip thrusts and deadlifts.

The lower-body compound movements are excellent at building strength, while also burning more calories than smaller isolation exercises.

In one video, Mel encourages Carol as she does a farmer’s walk with one dumbbell outside a gym in London.

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The exercise helps stabilise the core, while also helping reduce lower back pain.

In another clip, he eggs her on as she performs a sled push — another calorie-torching exercise.

He says: “Let’s go Carol, come on. Balls of the feet, come on, go, go, go. Good girl.

“Smashing it.”

Back in October, Carol announced her first session with him came after a months-long hiatus from the gym.

She said: “First gym sesh with Mel Deane. I haven't done a proper gym sesh for a few months.

“No excuses. Being busy isn't a good enough excuse, stupid woman.

"Anyway, had a nice little refresher with Mel this morning. Loved it. Poor bugger is going to be stuck with me now."

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