Celebrity chef Melissa Hemsley opens up about emotional IVF journey

‘It can take a village to make a baby!’ Pregnant Melissa Hemsley opens up about her emotional IVF experience following her heartbreaking miscarriages

  • Chef Melissa Hemsley told Lorraine that she got pregnant after one round of IVF 
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Celebrity chef Melissa Hemsley has opened up about her emotional IVF experience after suffering multiple miscarriages.

The mother-to-be – who is expecting her first baby with long-term partner Henry Relph – appeared on ITV’s Lorraine this morning where she discussed her previous fertility difficulties. 

The star, 37, said she was ‘thankful’ to have fallen pregnant on her first round of IVF towards the end of last year.

Melissa – who co-founded co-founded Hemsley + Hemsley with her sister Jasmine – said: ‘I feel like I’m dreaming, it’s lovely to be with you and talk about the process of making a baby.’

Before trying to conceive her first child, the mother-to-be said: ‘They say it can take a village to raise a baby, but I didn’t realise it can also take a village to make one.’ 

Speaking on Lorraine’s morning show today, the chef Melissa Hemsley, who is expecting her first baby with her long-term partner Henry Relph, said she was ‘thankful’ she got pregnant on her first round of IVF following a struggle with fertility

In 2021, the chef had two miscarriages within a few months of one another – and said in a candid Instagram post that they had left her feeling ‘broken apart’ .

As her extended family continued to grow, Melissa said she has spent every Christmas and birthday wondering: ‘Will it be our turn next year?’

Last week, Melissa’s older sister Jasmine welcomed her second child – having given birth to daughter Mahi in March 2021.

However, the chef said she could count on the support of her family and loved ones throughout her journey. 

She said: ‘I’ve had so much support, shoulders to cry on, medical support and emotional support.’

Following their heartbreaking miscarriages, Melissa and Henry went through their first round of IVF last year.

She continued: ‘ I understand from reading other journeys [ours] hasn’t been that long a process.

‘First round worked for us, which I’m so thankful for. I wasn’t expecting it.’

Melissa, 37, who specialises in healthy, cost-friendly recipes, told Lorraine she tried to remain hopeful after struggling to get pregnant and going through miscarriages. Pictured in May 2023 at the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards 2023

Melissa pictured with her long-term partner Henry Relph in November 2015. The couple are now expecting their first child together

Looking back on her emotional mindset going into IVF, Melissa said: ‘It’s this bizarre thing where you’re asked to be so hopeful and positive, but also asked to prepare for the worst. So where do you go with that?’

She continued: ‘I’m very interested in supporting my mental health as well as my physical health.’

As such, Melissa also shared details of how she looks after her health through food. 

The mother-to-be added: ‘Food can make such a difference to a pregnancy, whether it is IVF or not it can really help. Hormones are a roller-coaster because we are made of them.

‘We don’t need to fear them – they can be something that makes us feel really good.’ 

Lorraine had a sit down chat with Melissa about her experience with IVF and how she used food to keep healthy during her pregnancy

Melissa, who opened up about going through miscarriages in the past, said it felt like she ‘dreaming’ 

What’s more, Melissa credited her own mother for teaching her about cooking and motherhood. 

She added: ‘My mum is from the Philippines, but she’s been living here longer. She didn’t teach me how to bake or make a specific recipe, but she did teach me not to waste.’

‘So I do a lot of work with food redistribution charities. She taught me how to see a meal from nothing, and how to show love through food and how to eat not just for the way you feel but also the brain part. 

Melissa and Jasmine co-founded Hemsley + Hemsley in 2010 to help people with digestion and their relationship with food. The venture started as a blog, which turned into a best-selling cookbook. 

Melissa Hemsley (right) and her older sister Jasmine (left) pictured together on This Morning in 2016

Melissa announced her pregnancy back in January with a heartfelt posed where she addressed her struggles with fertility. 

She said at the time: ‘I’d like to send my best to all couples, all individuals and families who are on their fertility journey and to anyone this post might affect. 

‘I’ve been there, I am there with you still, I’m still grieving my miscarriages. I’ve seen many a joyful pregnancy announcement post and felt all sorts of emotions and I won’t pretend to know exactly how you feel but I send my love for what it’s worth,’ she said. 

‘There have been many horrendous times and so far this pregnancy has not been without its mini roller coasters but I’m feeling great today and excited to share this positive update with you.’

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