Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Jesy Nelson reveal stunning natural hair after ditching the extensions

One month into lockdown and we’re beginning to see what celebrities look like without access to their usual glam squad of hairdressers, makeup artists, facialists and nail technicians.

Many are even attempting these jobs themselves – we’ve seen Holly Willoughby cover her roots, Dua Lipa do her own gel manicure and everyone from Jessica Alba to Bella Hadid share bathroom selfies of themselves indulging in pampering face masks.

But perhaps the biggest surprise is celebs that we’re used to seeing with long locks ditch their high-maintenance hair extensions to reveal their natural hair in short styles.

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Here are some of our favourite self-isolation hair transformations…

Kylie Jenner

From natural brunette to candy colours, the KUWTK star has sported extensions and wigs of every colour over the years, but they almost always reach butt-skimming lengths. Which is why it came as a surprise when she showed her 170 million followers a snap of herself with a short bob recently, in a lighter ‘bronde’ shade. We’re definitely a fan of this more natural-looking style.

Perrie Edwards

The Little Mix star is famous for her long, blonde, mermaid-like tresses, but it appears that a few weeks into self-isolation, Perrie is playing with a choppy bob and a fringe. But before we all start reaching for the scissors and hacking ourselves a fringe, it might not be all it seems. Bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock gave the game away by commenting: “I legit thought this was your hair for a second,” suggesting Perrie was wearing a wig all along. We think she could seriously consider the chop!

Jesy Nelson

Since being at home, fellow Little Mix-er has swapped her typical cascading curls for a shoulder-length bob in a glossy deep brown shade, styling it both straight and wavy. Jesy clearly still likes to experiment with styles, though, as she surprised her followers with a series of snaps wearing a waist-length blonde wig, shortly after splitting with Love Island boyfriend Chris Hughes.

Olivia Attwood

This Love Islander has been roping in family members to help with her hair during quarantine. We’re used to seeing her with a big, bouncy blow dry or long tonged tresses, but in an Instagram post she showed a more natural, shoulder-length style which Olivia calls "the 'lockdown' cut by my mum with kitchen scissors.” Brave move, Olivia!

Sophie Kasaei

Georgie Shore’s Sophie Kasaei has also put aside her hair extensions for now, sharing a photo showing natural curls in a short crop, in contrast to her usual long, sleek lengths. “This is the real me guys,” she captions it, before explaining, “Hair extensions out, make up off eyelashes gone.”

If you’ve got tape extensions that have seen better days, copy Love Islander Kady McDermott’s trick for safely removing them here.

  • Kim Kardashian and mum Kris Jenner launching debut fragrance together – and are donating some profits to charity

  • Jesy Nelson looks stunning in makeup free video after Chris Hughes split

Expert advice

The downside is that shorter hair can require more effort with styling (no twisting it up into a topknot on lazy days), but now's the ideal time to perfect your skills with a hairdryer. Here Laura Polko, hair stylist to celebs like Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen, shares her secrets for a salon-worthy blow dry…

After washing, wrap the hair in a microfiber towel to help absorb some of the moisture. Prep hair with your favourite leave-in conditioner and rough dry until 50% dry. Laura’s favourite is the T3 Cura Luxe Dryer.

Apply mousse to damp hair as it gives hold and volume. Start at the ends and work the product in up to the crown of the head.

Once hair is prepped, you can start drying with a round brush. Laura likes using T3’s Volume 3.0 Round Brush. Always angle the hairdryer and direct your hair downward. This will make it smooth and give it fabulous shine.

To achieve maximum volume, let the hair cool on the round brush before letting it down.

Finish with hairspray, but make sure you are spraying a consistent mist at least a foot away from the hair. If you spray too close or do little spritzes, you’ll end up with sticky parts.

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